G2 Energy conducts full life-cycle development of renewable energy and other sustainability projects and advises companies entering or transacting in the renewable energy and waste markets. Our developments are in both new technologies and new markets. The true innovation often lies in finding ways to commercialise and bring sustainable projects into reality matching the right market opportunity with the right technology and people who can make it happen.

Project Development & Investment

G2 Energy delivers project development from conception through to close. With a rigorous and investment orientated approach across all stages of development. A typical development is managed through the following stages:

Green Technology Commercialisation

We partner with and advise new green technologies on entering new markets and commercialising new products. Having worked with advanced thermal waste processing technologies, geothermal energy companies and start-up solar and waste companies we have partnering and commercialising models that help transition new ideas and markets into commercial reality.


G2 Energy provides advice in developing renewable energy and waste management project portfolios. Having consulted to both Fortune 500 and technology start-ups we are well versed in the critical issues that impact the renewables and waste sectors and are able to deliver targeted and deliverable strategies. We have also worked with our clients to design and manage complex financial transactions to enable project acquisition and financing.

Who We Are